ILL Experimental Report

Guide for searching

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All ILL experimental reports are now software-archived and accessible via the web server as PDF files.
Please use the questionnaire to search for a report by experiment number, instrument, college, date of experiment, title, experimental team or local contact, institute, main research area, abstract, formula.

- press the SEARCH button to see reports list
- press the CLEAR button to change your criteria.

The choice AND and OR is only relevant if you have assigned two or more fields.
If you have chosen AND the query will return reports corresponding to all values assigned in the questionnaire.
For the option OR the query will return all reports matching even only one value assigned in the questionnaire.
The result of your query gives a list of one or more reports.
The link New Search gives you the possibility of making a new search.
If you select a report out of the list, details such as the experiment number, title, instrument, dates of experiment, experimental team and local contact of this experimental report will be shown.
At the end of this page a link See Report gives you the possibility of opening the experimental report if you have installed Acrobat Reader on your system.
If Acrobat Reader is not installed on your system, please connect to, to get a free download of Acrobat Reader for your system.

Steps to follow:

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